Mercedes Benz MB C140 CL-Class

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The Mercedes Benz  MB C140 is the coupe version of the 140 sedan, a luxury class car from Mercedes Benz.

Initially, two variants were offered from October 1992:

  1. 500 SEC (SEC, acronym for (German language) S-Klasse-Einspritzmotor-Coupé) with a V8-Engine (235 kW) and
  2. 560 SEC with a V12-Engine (290 kW).

Their engines and most of the technology are similar to those of the corresponding 140 sedan. Both were with numerous extras ex factory the top models of the passenger car program of Mercedes Benz. Stylistically, however, they present themselves more independently than their predecessor models of the C126 series.

Three basic technical innovations were first available in the 560 SEC:

  1. In May 1995, a completely newly developed five-speed automatic transmission with slip-controlled torque converter lock-up clutch and electronic control was introduced, which reduces fuel consumption. The new automatic transmission is significantly lighter and more compact than comparable five-speed transmissions at the time, and was also cheaper to produce, as the number of parts could be reduced by almost 40 percent.

  2. Another innovation was introduced at the same time: The C140 (first in the S600 Coupe) was the first Mercedes with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which supports the driver in critical situations by counteracting the yaw moment (rotation about the vertical axis) by computer-controlled brake intervention and thus contributes to driving safety.

  3. It was also the first Mercedes from 1995 with the GPS navigation system Auto Pilot System APS, including CD-ROM, maps and color screen

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